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Landscape Projects - Planting &Working Together

We find a solution to fit your needs and your budget.  From planning to planting we have you covered from Smiths Falls, to Perth & Merrickville..

Personalized Solutions that we develop together

If you are looking for an experienced professional landscaping job in the Smiths Falls area then you are in the right place.  David at Green Spaces Landscaping has been working, speaking and teaching about landscaping and environmental issues for over thirty years.

He   listens to you to understand your goals and works with you to find the solution that fits your lifestyle and budget. Regardless of the size of the project, success is measured by how well it solved problem.  There are always many solutions to a problem.  We work with you to choose the right solution for you.

Green Spaces Landscaping has long been established in in the Smiths Falls so contact us for solutions to your landscape problems.

Find Out Goals


During our first meeting, we will discuss what your goal is for your project.  
  • We figure out what exactly your problem is and the different ways we can solve that problem.  
  • Are you looking for planting to screen or frame a view, decrease road dust, provide shade?
  • Is water management an issue?
  • This is the time to discuss your budget.  That way we can make the most effective choices in our problem solving.
  •  We will take measurements, pictures  and do a site survey for ease of access and any other relevant factors like hazards, sight lines and sun exposure.
  • A follow up appointment is made
  • Develop a Solution

    what about a planting plan

    At the follow up meeting we will have plans, perhaps photos and prices on various selected solutions so your can begin to make a decision.
  • This is the time where  revisions can be made and suggested solutions personalized. 
  • Sometimes this may require a number of revisions especailly to a planting plan.
  • Once a solution is agreed upon, we will prepare a written contact with all the details. 
  • We will discuss timelines
  • Once your deposit is made, we are ready to begin.
  • On Time On Site

    neat polite professional

    Your project begins on time.  You will always know what to expect on any project day.

    • ‚ÄčIf something unforeseen happens to the projected timeline, we will be in touch as soon as possible.
    • Always feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns, right a way.
    Photo realistic design

    Photo Realistic Proposed Planting

    Phone or use this form to set up a free consultation about your needs and budget.

    Planning Revising

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    Interlock and Manufactured Stone



    Any plants we supply and install are guaranteed for 2 years.  If your plant dies, we will replace it with the same size and variety as originally provided.

    Work done with natural stone, interlock or manufactured stone is guaranteed for 5 years against shifting that impedes function or aesthetics.   Work will be returned to normal without charge. 

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