Lawn Care

Achieve a Lush, Healthy Lawn That's
the Talk of the Neighborhood

Reclaim your weekends with Greenspaces Landscaping

With an Annual Lawn Service Program, we make life easier, ensuring your outdoor space stays stunning year-round. Transforming your lawn into a vibrant, envy-inducing masterpiece is our pride. Our expert team not only cultivates a lush, healthy lawn that wows your neighbors but also handles the dirty work for you.

Our lawn care Services:

Mowing, Edging, and Trimming
Keep your lawn looking immaculate with our precision mowing, edging, and trimming services. Our attention to detail sets us apart.

Aeration and Fertilization
Breathe new life into your soil with aeration and nourish your grass with our specialized fertilization techniques.

Weed Control and Management
Say goodbye to unsightly weeds. We employ effective weed control strategies to keep your lawn weed-free.

Planting, Pruning & Trimming
Enhance your landscape with professionally planned and maintained plants, shrubs, and trees.

Shrub Removal
Clear out unwanted shrubs, creating space for new additions or a clean, open look.

Tree Removal
Safely remove trees that pose a threat or no longer fit your landscape vision.

Bush and Plant Removal
Get rid of overgrown or undesirable plants and bushes to create a fresh canvas for your lawn.

Sod Installation & Prep
Instantly upgrade your lawn with lush sod, expertly installed by our team.

Spring and Fall Services
Prepare your lawn for the changing seasons with overseeding, soil repair, and thorough clean-up.

Gutter Cleaning
Ensure proper drainage and prevent damage with our spring and fall gutter cleaning services.

Why Choose Greenspaces Landscaping
for Your Lawn Care?


Our team understands the unique needs of lawns in the Boulder, CO area. We have a proven track record of delivering outstanding results.

Attention to Detail

We treat your lawn as if it were our own, paying meticulous attention to every detail to ensure it thrives.

Customized Solutions

Every lawn is unique. We tailor our services to meet your lawn's specific needs and your vision.

Environmentally Friendly

We offer eco-friendly options, including organic fertilization and environmentally conscious weed control.

Professional Team

Our skilled and friendly team is committed to delivering the highest quality service with a smile.

Ready for a Lawn That Will Make Your Neighbors Green with Envy?

Contact us today to schedule your lawn care service. Our experts will work closely with you to create a lawn care plan that brings your vision to life.

Invest in the health and beauty of your lawn. Trust Greenspaces Landscaping for exceptional lawn care services.