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      Professional Pruning and Sustainable Landscapes

Green Spaces

What We Do

Our goal is for your home to look great with beautiful, natural landscapes and features that you can be proud to own.  We extend the life and beauty of your landscaping so that it provides a real asset to your home's curb appeal.  You can be assured that your plants have the expert care and attention that only a dedicated professional can provide.  Your committment to creating and maintaining a beutiful, sustainable, environmentally friendly outdoor space is visible to all who pass by and admire your property.  If you are a DIY type of person, we offer training and coaching so you can become your own professional.  

Enhance Natural Beauty and Sustainability of Your Garden

Keep it healthy

Increase Life Span and Attractiveness of Landscape Investment

for your lfuture

Training and Coaching

For the DIY'er

     It looked perfect for the Wedding!     

We took our son's wedding pictures in the garden.  The apple tree was a perfect backdrop and was so romantic.

Thanks, Dave!

Janice, Nepean, On

About us

At GreenSpaces, we lead lives full of the wonder and beauty of the natural landscape. We love plants and the science of growing.  When we see a plant in need of help we immediately see its potential and how best to bring it out.  Sharing our passion and helping others discover their love of plants and landscaping is something we love to do.  We offer, done for you, done with you (coaching) and training for the DIY 'er.

  • We have been involved with growing, and maintaining sustainable landscapes for about 40 years.  It has been a lifelong interst since childhood. .
  • We have offered our services in different ways over the years from consulting to landscape construction and organic lawn care.  We spent the last fifteen or so years teaching our principles internationally in Australia, Kuwait, Indonesia and Qatar.  But we knew we would eventually come home.  
  • We cover Eastern Ontario from Ottawa to Kingston and north to cottage country.  We offer ornamental shrub and small tree pruning, sustainable landscape design, installation and maintenance as well as on and offline training and coaching for the DiY'er. Contact us today for a free consultation.

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area we serve

From our centre near Smiths Falls, whether it is for consultation, pruning or training, our small team of experienced and dedicated professionals will provide an outstanding, valuable experience from Ottawa to Kingston along the Rideau River system.

We are looking forward to helping your garden grow, beautifully. 

Jasper, Ontario, Canada

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