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Gardening- Simple Way to be Happier and Healthier

So you know you should have about 150 minutes a week to stave off or reduce many chronic conditions likecardiovascular and diabetic issues. You know a sedentary lifestyle isn't ideal. Not to mention the boost you get , mentally, from physical activity.
Research has shown that you are significantly happier, feel better about yourself and others when you are more physically active by even 10 min a day.

the benefits of being in a natural environment are also well documented to relieve stress, lower heart and blood pressure rates. This is on top of a happiness boost.
A new study has tied this up in a neat package for us, as if we didn't know, the answer is gardening!
Trying to get in the recommended 150 minutes of exercise per week can seem daunting — that’s a lot of time at the gym! But what if you could reap the emotional and physical benefits of working out through a favorite activity, like tending to your garden?
A long-term study from the CDC, using data collected from across the world—China, Texas, North Carolina—tracked something called “leisure time physical activity.” These were activities done in varying weekly amounts, like dancing, gardening, walking or other physical activities. They compared it to the risks of various forms of death, including cardiovascular disease and cancer.

The study is unusual because it took place over a long period; eleven years, and the large number of participants, at nearly 90,000. The data came from the National Health Interview Survey, an annual event done by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Compared to a sedentary lifestyle, doing these things for only 10 to 59 minutes a week led to an 18 percent lower risk of all-cause mortality—basically, less chance of dying during the survey period. More physical activity even further decreased that risk; 150 to 299 minutes of physical activity each week led to a 31 percent decrease in all-cause mortality.

But what if you find it hard to do that activity anymore. The spirit may be willing but the flesh is worried about a fall or how heavy the bag of mulch might be. How much better would it feel to have some expo help, who could follow your instructions as well as offer advice and enough brain that you don't have to worry?
David, at Green Spaces can work with you in the garden. He has the education and experience not only in Gardening but in working with many different ages and abilites in the garden. No matter your functionality, if you want to get out in your garden, David will help you do as much of as little as you want. You can call David, directly at 623 485 9158 or contact through the website.

Gardening has been previously linked to positive health changes; a big comprehensive review of previous studies found that gardening is linked to a decrease in depression, anxiety, and body mass index, along with increases in quality of life, life satisfaction, and a sense of community. Gardening has also been linked to huge benefits for the elderly, citing a reduction in falls, reduction in stress, and even reduced need for medications.
There are too many benefits to getting out in your garden, to be ignored. So, let's go garde. David, takes away any worries about your physical  abilities or knowledge gap.

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