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Apr 13

Yes, People Do Notice Your Landscape and Lawn

By Audrey | Landscape Trends

Lawns and yards are more important than many people might realize.

According to a survey done on behalf of the National Association of Landscape Professionals (NALP), 79 percent of people  say a lawn is an important feature to consider when buying or renting a home. These potential home buyers or renters are looking at homes and noting the size (and, of their lawns.

Strangely enough lawn size was even the number one priority for millennials on a ranking of home features, according to the survey.  Bet they are also  paying close attention to all the lawns they pass. So if you think no one is noticing your lawn and landscape, your are probably wrong. People do notice, and they definitely care, according to these statistics.

New data from home real estate site Zillow says outdoor fixtures and landscaping  such as an outdoor kitchen, a fire pit, or an outdoor fireplace can get home sellers as much as 24.5 percent above asking price when they sell their homes. A well-kept lawn and yard is important, as are well-planned landscaping projects.  

These outdoor features can directly increase a home’s value.  That means you could get back your landscaping investment, when you sell, maybe even more..  Outdoor home updates don’t need to break the bank either.  Something as simple as a picket fence, landscape planting or a patio can give home sale prices a small boost.

In the NALP survey, more than half of people said they spend time in their yards at least once a month; almost half say they entertain there as well. So not only could you benefit when you sell, you will have a nicer outdoor space to be in the meantime. 

So if you don't want to get out the mower and rake for your own piece of mind, maybe knowing that a poorly maintained yard could actually lose money when it comes time to sell the house is a motivating factor. 

Remember, you don't have to do the work yourself. Leave a comment or contact us if you need help with your landscape.

Apr 13

What Landscaping Projects Can Make Your Home More Valuable?

By Audrey | Landscape Trends , Spring

You already know that home improvement projects can add to the value of your home and some projects are just for you and won’t add to the resale value of your home.

So, I would suggest that in your own home, you should consider what you would find most useful.  Don’t just install a landscape project because it can add to your resale value.  The market changes quickly and what is a must have this year can be passe by the time you want to sell.  If you chose something you need or want at least you will get the use out of it, until you decide to sell.  If it adds to your resale value, you’re in the bonus round.

Landscaping can turn an ordinary home into an extraordinary property with the right use of design to show off the home and make it an organic part of the landscape.  Imagine Frank Lloyd Wright’s waterfall house, without the water features.  You get the idea.

However, even adding a desirable feature can turn resale value up a notch or two.  But which projects are desirable?

If you are considering a landscape project, you might want to read this list of desirable features as compiled by Zillow, the real estate website.  These are the landscape projects that made the biggest impact on resale value. There are a few surprises.

Zillow identifies the home improvement projects that can help a home get a higher price at sale time, effectively increasing their value, and several outdoor projects were on the list—including some surprising ones.

This list is based on identifying keywords in listing of homes that eventually sold for more than their asking price.  The methodology isn’t perfect, but it gives us an interesting glimpse. It isn’t as if a landscape project will magically transform what your home is worth.

Number one out door project that resulted in a home selling for more than the asking price is an outdoor kitchen: Homes with outdoor kitchens mentioned in their listings sold for 24.5 percent above asking price.

Next most valuable features, in order of value are solar panels, outdoor lighting, an outdoor fireplace or pit, and a rooftop deck or balcony. All were featured in homes that sold for more than 15 percent above ask price.

 Other outdoor features were fire pits, hot tubs, picket fences, and pergolas.

So keep this list in mind while you are planning your outdoor projects this year.  Now these are all additional features that assume the rest of the lawn and landscaping is up to snuff.  Obviously, if your entrance needs help or your plants are overgrown or your lawn a bit of a mess, you need to start there and not with a fire pit if you are hoping to add to your home’s value. Plus these landscaping updates can definitely make for a more comfortable outdoor space whether you are selling or not.

Are considering a landscape project this season? Leave a comment below or contact us for ideas.

Feb 03

Top Five Design Trend

By Audrey | Landscape Trends

5 Design Trends for Your Garden

Each year brings new design ideas and styles and your garden landscape is no exception.  Some years it is a a simple as outdoor ornaments or a patio fire pit or as involved as a new philosophy like going native/naturalized free and all the entails.

This year is no different and the trends run from simple ornamentation ideas to recreating a native plant prairie.  However, there are two overarching themes: bringing the indoors out and the further rise and evolution of the philosophy of sustainability.

Moving the Indoors Outside

The trend to make more use of our garden landscape by making it more comfortable and easier to relax in continues to grow and evolve.  Softer furnishings and greater access to amenities are the desire of homeowners wanting to invest in making their homes a ‘vacation spot’ rather than fighting crowds and airport security to travel.


This term has been around a long time and has finally moved into the home landscape.  When applied to the landscape sustainability means creating a landscape that blends the house into a natural setting while using plants and planting techniques to keep maintenance and water usage to a minimum.  Native plants usually feature prominently and tender, high maintenance plants are avoided.

1.    Expanded and Extended Outdoor Rooms

While outdoor kitchens have been around a while, they are being expanded and extended to include more formal dining areas.  Activity specific areas are also being added, a place for yoga, a canopy bedroom, and a place for Fido or a ‘catatrarium for Fluffy.

Outdoor entertainment is important so extending the Wi-Fi to the patio and adding a sound system is also a popular addition.  There iss no cure for the glare on a device screen but they are improving and some are outdoor ‘friendly’. However, some folks are installing outdoor screens and a projector to make their own drive in movie theatre.

2.    Natural Products

Many people are going country.   They are embracing a down home look with the use of natural materials like twig furniture, naturally weathered cedar and rustic ornamentation.  Think 1920’s cottage and cabin chic. Nothing kitschy; a handmade, natural materials look.

3.   Small gardens

The smaller gardens are not necessarily a choice for homeowners, but it is reality we have to deal with.

A smaller yard however, forces us to be more creative and innovative in our designs.  The smaller space will need to accommodate multiple uses, sometimes simultaneously. It is important to be creative in mixing  hardscapes, potential water features, and how you put the lawn in and how the landscaping revolves around the lawn.”

The key element to designing in smaller gardens is to keep your needs in mind and be very deliberate about how the space will be used.  You want to make sure you are screening the things you don’t want to see. That is usually done with plant material. Keep looking at the view corridor to make sure that the view that you want to see is being framed by the plant material that you’re putting in.

4. Dog-centric landscape design

Dogscaping is becoming more and more popular.  Landscapes are trending towards people wanting in make their outdoor living spaces pet friendly.

Pets are members of the family as well as having unique needs like a doggie ‘pit stop’.

5. Fire Features

Where local laws allow, many people car incorporating fire pits in their landscape plans.  Portable ones are suggested, especailly in a smaller garden.

patio with portable firepit

Portable fire pits allow homeowners to maximize their patio space if they only use it sparingly.

A fire pit can even extend your patio use into the colder weather.

Overall people are looking for sustainable, easy care landscapes that are extensions of their home and to create a space to enjoy the outdoors and entertain.

People want more hardscaping, kitchens, fire pits, seating areas, and covered porches.  “They’re looking to expand their outdoor living, People want more outdoor living space, not necessarily more plants.

Do you have any landscape or gardening plans this year?  Do any of these trends resonate with you?