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Landscape Maintenance Done Right

No more bad cuts for your landscape plants.

What We Do to look after your home

Our goal is to make sure your garden landscape looks great. There always seems to be something that needs to be done to k Ieep up appearances.  But you only have so much time and the physical resources to do it.  You have many commitments and are tired after a long day.  Wouldn't it be great if your place always  looked neat, tidy and well-cared for with you having to worry about it.  

That's where we  can help.  We look after landscapes, just like yours.  We weed, edge, prune, fertilize and mulch  We sweep hard surfaces.  We plant trees, shrubs and flowers.  We create sustainable, beautiful landscapes and keep them looking good.   We provide consistent, reliable, regular service from Spring to Fall.

Award Winning 

Best Maintained Property

Our landscape maintenance program won a Landscape Ontario Best Maintained Property in Eastern Ontario award

Environmentally Sustainable

Best practice

This means working with nature to create and maintain a landscape that requires less of everything.  Less work, less water, less fertilizer and produces less waste.

Friendly Professional

authentic and honest

Know you are dealing with friendly, professional, neighbourhood staff. with roots and an active interest in the local community.    

     My mom's place looks great     

Thanks for helping my mother with the garden.  She finally found someone who does work up to her standards! Amazing.

Nicholson Family

About us

At Green Spaces we have been  life long proponents of sustainability and in the need for people to connect with the natural world.  Being in nature has proven benefits to mental and physical health. Our journey has included world travel to teach and speak to adults and children on three continents. We maintain and create beautiful landscapes while saving plants from bad haircuts.  No, pruning is not cutting off the parts that stick out. Please help me save the plants by learning proper pruning techniques.

Sustainable & Environmentally Aware

We have been involved with the Rideau Environmental Action League since its inception.  We designed and installed the trees and benches on Evergreen Avenue in Victoria Park on Lombard St.

Trained, Educated & Experienced Professionals

Landscape Maintenance is often done badly as many don't understand the basic principles and so just cut everything into balls.  Ouch!

Let us do it correctly for you or teach you how to do it yourself.  

Hyper Localized Understanding of Micro-climates

Most of our customers are in and around Smiths Falls.  But we travel from the Rideau Lakes along the Rideau River to the other side of Merrickville and Perth.  We understand the areas micro-climates and how best to care for your plants.

area we serve

As a small team of experienced landscape professionals you will always know who is coming to work on your property.  Our main area is between Smiths Falls, Perth and Merrickville, ON but we are very active in the Rideau Lakes area. We can guarantee consistent and personal service that makes your landscape stand out and look well-cared for.

We are happy to make you a part of the team!

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