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Professional Pruning and landscape maintenance
 Sustainable Landscapes   Consultation

Pruning and landscape maintenances done right. Landscapes that require less inputs to look great. Landscapes for special purposes: pets, pollinators, birds and wildlife, energy conservation. Homeowner water management plans that work. Stress free project management.s

Professional Pruning and Maintenance

Enhance the natural beauty and sustainability of your garden
Increase the life span and curb appeal of your landscape investment.

Make a statement


Landscape Design  & Installation 

Sustainable Landscape designs for special purposes: 


Rain Gardens & Water Management





 Energy Conservation


Consultations, Project and Water Managment

We are problem solvers. From standrd though complex issues we can help you solve you landscape project or water management issue, quickly and effeciently

Training & Coaching

At GreenSpaces, we lead lives full of the wonder at the beauty of the natural landscape. We love plants and the science of growing. When we see a plant in need of help we immediately see its potential and how best to bring it out. Sharing our passion and helping others discover their love of plants and landscaping is something we love to do. We offer, done for you, done with you (coaching) and tcourses for the DIY 'er. Check out our courses page for availaability and costs.

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David Bethune

Green Spaces


I have been a life long proponent of sustainability and in the need for people to connect with the natural world.  Being in nature has proven benefits to mental and pgysical health. My journey has lead me all over the world as an international educator, speake, consultantr and workshop leader.  I have worked with adults and children on three continents. My mission, after sustainability, is to save plants from bad haircuts.  No, pruning is not cutting off the parts that stick out. Please help me save the plants by learning proper pruning techniques.


"My mothers place never looked better.  She is happy  that she can maintain her high standards, even when she ca't do it herself.She has piece of mind with the  reliable service and prompt attention she receives. I dont have to worry about finding the time and figuring out how to help her.  A great relief for both of us.."

Derek Nicolson


"The place looked perfect for the rehersal dinner.  The pictures in the front yard were so unbelievable."

Janice Campbell

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