Professional Tips and Advice for DIY Eco Friendly, Naturalized Lawn and Landscapes

If you're just getting started or are ready to go a bit further, you'll learn what to do; when and how to do it so you can easily create a safe, beautiful and sustainable lawn and landscape.  

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Spring Cleanup in the garden can be fun and inspirational but it is hard work too, especially if we have[...]
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You want an attractive, green lawn that you can relax on, that looks good, isn't a time or money sink[...]
Pro Tips for Easy Planting Bed Maintenance
The secret to pro looking planting bed maintenance is a good edge and a good mulch. After that, it takes[...]
8 Must Have Hand Tools for Trouble Free Landscape Gardening
It happens all the time.  You are enthusiastic and ready to work.  A little exercise in the fresh air and[...]
Green Side Up – Cutting Tips for a Healthy Lawn
It may sound simple but how you cut your lawn makes a difference to how easy it is to keep[...]
Choosing a Life that Works for You
Climate change, global warming, endangered and poaching species, destruction of habitat, dwindling water and other natural resources are all big[...]
Practical, Sustainable, Naturalized, Low Maintenance Gardens – Yes You Can!
Well, it is spring again.  That time when all things seem possible in your garden and lawn.  It is like[...]

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